Rave Reviews Log: Realistic Fiction

August 28, 2007


By Jerry Spinelli
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Nine year old David has moved with his father to his grandmother's house after the death of his mother. David desperately misses his mother and stubbornly refuses to make friends. He believes if he follows any and every rule, his mother will somehow be able to return to him. Then David meets teenager Primrose. Primrose has never met her father, has a mother who pretends to be a psychic, and uses an old van as her bedroom. Primrose despises her mother and breaks every rule there is. But somehow, these two outcasts become friends. They snap and fight constantly, call each other names, yell "I hate you!" but somehow, they still end up together the next day. And slowly, as the months pass, David and Primrose learn that sometimes you need to let someone inside your hurt, inside those walls, if you want to be able to go on living. An interesting story about an unlikely duo who end up learning some hard lessons about life and friendship. Plus it is a Jerry Spinelli book, so you can't go wrong!


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