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February 14, 2007

Kiss Me Tomorrow

By Susan Shreve
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Blister is back! Fans of the first book, simply called Blister, will be happy to read this sequel. Red-headed, skinny, and sure of who she is, Alyssa "Blister" Reed is ready to start 7th grade with her best friend Jonah Morrison at her side. But when school actually does begin, things start to go wrong. Jonah spends his time trailing around after a pack of "cool" boys and mostly ignores Blister. And her mom reveals she has a new boyfriend named Frank, and that they are planning to move in together. Instead of feeling centered, Blister feels events and people are spiraling out of her control. Then Jonah gets accused of shoplifting and runs away from home on the same day that Blister is moving to the new house, which ironically, is across the street from Jakob Cutter's house. Jakob is one of the kids that Jonah had been desperate to hang out with, and Blister suspects he may have had something to do with the shoplifting. Can Blister find Jonah and help clear his name? Can she get the real story out of Jakob Cutter (who is paying a lot of unwanted attention to her)? And can she be happy living in a house with a guy who makes her mom happy but isn't her dad? Blister discovers that people can her surprise her in good ways, and that she needs to be herself to be happy. Readers will admire Blister's fierce sense of self, and how she handles her issues while staying true to that. Great characters and a good story!


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