Rave Reviews Log: Realistic Fiction

October 23, 2006

Bollywood Babes

By Narinder Dhami
Rating: 3 1/2 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Amber, Jazz and Geena are three sisters who like to meddle. Amber, our narrator, gets particularly "good" ideas which usually turn into disasters. In this book, their third, the girls have been working hard to get their single Auntie hooked up with the cute teacher at their school, Mr. Arora. When the girls hear about an old Bollywood (like Hollywood, but movies made in India) movie star, Molly Mahal, living nearly destitute nearby, they decide to see if they can convince her to come to their Bollywood party fundraiser for their school. That would put a feather in Auntie's cap! But the girls find Molly about to be evicted from her apartment and living on next to nothing, and impulsively, they invite her home to stay. Soon, Molly Mahal has everyone dazzled, including the girls' father and Mr. Arora! Molly acts more like a queen than someone living on charity, and the girls (and Auntie) are at their wit's end as they try to find a way to get rid of the most popular girl in town. But when Molly starts acting as if their father might be on her agenda to improve her circumstances, things get desperate. What will be the price of Molly's fame? This is a fun read about family, crushes, and the what you would do to be famous. It is also an enjoyable peek into an Indian-English community. If you like this story, you might also enjoy more stories of the girls, including Bindi Babes and Bhangri Babes.


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