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May 17, 2007

Johnny and the Dead

By Terry Pratchett
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

It isn't a mystery or suspense or even realistic, but it is rather funny. This is the second book in the Johnny Maxwell series. Johnny is cutting through the cemetary again when he decides to knock on one of the mauseleum doors. To his surprise, the door opens and he meets the dead spirit who inhabits that grave. Johnny finds he can see and speak to the dead! He soon meets all the graveyard inhabitants, who are quite upset when they learn the cemetary has been sold to make room for an office building. Johnny finds himself an unwilling hero when the dead expect him to try and save their cemetary from the bulldozers. With the help of his friends Bigmac, Yo-Less and Wobbler (who aren't quite certain they believe him), Johnny finds ways to mount an offense while the dead find that you can still have some life left in you even when you are done living. It isn't a bit spooky, but it is quite a fun tale. Readers will enjoy Johnny's journey and realizations and laugh at the dead's antics. Thumbs up for a light and entertaining read.


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