Rave Reviews Log: Realistic Fiction

November 14, 2011

My Name is Mina

By David Almond
Rating: 4 stars

In Almond's wonderful book, Skellig, the boy Michael meets his unusual neighbor, Mina.  In this prequel to Skellig, we learn all about Mina's story.  Mina thinks outside of the box and questions everything in the universe with true wonder.  However, her propensity to wonder and question ends up causing her to not fall into line properly at school.  She has no real friends and while she can do great work, she also can do just the opposite.  When one day she takes a very serious test at school a bit less seriously than the teacher and principal do, her mother decides to homeschool her.  And so Mina keeps a journal of her homeschooling life, where she learns more than math or science or grammar--instead she also learns that she has to grow up a little bit and to not blame others for her problems because sometimes, a person has to learn to be brave.  And a person has to learn how to be a friend.  It is a story that will make readers to some of their own wondering, and perhaps, bring them to read the next book, Skellig.


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