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May 13, 2011

Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius

By Frank Asch
Rating: 4 stars

In this funny story, Alex will do anything to get away from his adoring younger brother Jonathan.  Anything, including building a spaceship and hyperjumping across the galaxy to find a new planet to live on.  In his journal, Alex quite proudly admits his genius at figuring out how to build a ship out of cardboard boxes and duct tape, along with a hyperdrive, weapons system, spacesuit and much more out of ordinary household objects and thrown away items.  But when Jonathan gets on the wrong side of the shrink ray, Alex has to go to extremes to save him.  And then Alex discovers that he and Jonathan may have something in common after all.  This is a funny, quick read that will have readers wondering what is and isn't real in the story.  Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid will love it!


  • This is ironic because in the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire of 1911 hundreds of young immigrant workers jumped out of the windows of the Asch building to escape a fire

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:12 PM  

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