Rave Reviews Log: Realistic Fiction

February 10, 2011


By Frank Cottrell Boyce
Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Twelve year old Liam is very tall for his age.  In fact, he looks quite a bit like a grown man.  Well, what boy wouldn't find a way to take advantage of that?  So Liam convinces his friend Florida to play his daughter, and they wander around town having all sorts of fun until Liam's dad finally catches them.  Liam stops his scamming...until a truly amazing opportunity comes up--Liam wins a contest to ride the best new thrill ride ever created before anyone else does. It would be totally cosmic.  If he can convince Florida to play his daughter one more time, they can go to this secret location for the ride.  But when he does convince her, he finds that the thrill ride is a lot more cosmic than he could have guessed it to be. And to pretend to be a dad is a lot more effort--and love--than he ever gave credit to his parents.  This is a funny adventure that still packs an emotional punch--everyone will love it!


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