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June 20, 2011

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette

By Jeanne Birdsall
Rating: 4 1/2 stars

This is the third book in the Penderwicks series, and I for one hope they never come to an end.  It is summer, and for the first time, the Penderwicks are splitting up.  Newlyweds Mr. Penderwick and Iantha with baby Ben are off to England.  Rosalind is going to spend two weeks down on the Jersey shore with her friend.  That leaves Skye, Jane and Batty with Aunt Claire to spend two weeks in a cottage in Maine.  They hoped their dear friend Jeffrey would come, but his mother wouldn't let him go last minute.  Skye must take on the mantle of eldest in charge, which she worries about incessantly, especially about taking care of young Batty.  But once they arrive in Maine, things go both wonderfully right and wrong, as they always seem to do.  Jeffrey does get to come to Point Mouette--hooray! But Jane falls head over heels for the taciturn skateboarder Dominic.  Batty seems to show promise as a musician, but Aunt Claire falls and badly sprains her ankle.  Their musical neighbor Alec becomes a good friend, along with Turron, but why does Alec remind them of someone?  And on and on it goes.  There are laughs and tears, but that's just what you would expect from this family.  Just one more wonderful story about the Penderwicks to add to the list.  It is fun and heartwarming and real all rolled up together, and readers will wish they had friends like the Penderwicks in their lives.


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