Rave Reviews Log: Realistic Fiction

March 23, 2010

My Life in Pink & Green

By Lisa Greenwald
Rating: 3 3/4 stars

Lucy is a budding make up artist at age twelve, but for now, she works in her grandmother's pharmacy helping out. Then she discovers their business is in big trouble--they may have to sell their house or even the pharmacy! So Lucy, with the help of her older sister Claudia, tries to come up with ideas to help save the it. Not only does Lucy have the weight of her family's problems on her mind, but then her best friend Sunny suddenly develops a crush on Evan Mass and is clueless about what to do. Then Lucy develops a crush just as suddenly as Sunny did--only the object of her affection is a much worse target AND an 8th grader to boot. It is in Earth Club that Lucy discovers what may be the salvation of the pharmacy and could further her own dreams of becoming a make up artist--but can she get her grandmother and mother to listen to her? It is an awful lot for a twelve year old to handle, but readers won't be able to help rooting for plucky Lucy and her can-do attitude. An enjoyable read.


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