Rave Reviews Log: Realistic Fiction

August 18, 2008

Lost and Found

By Andrew Clements
Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Another school story from the master. Jay and Ray Grayson are identical twins except for a freckle on Ray's ankle. When the twins move to a new town and start school there is one big difference--Ray is sick on the first day and stays home. When Jay doesn't hear Ray's name called in homeroom, he thinks it is weird, but lets it slide. Then he notices that his school file is twice as big as normal and figures it out--the school thinks he and Ray are one person! And Jay concocts a wild idea--what if he and Ray could take turns going to school and experience life NOT as a twin, but as individuals? The boys decide to try it for a week--a week of lying and pretending, but the newness of it all seems worth it. As long as they don't get caught....but how far can it possibly go? A fun story if flawed story that is really about sibling rivalry, twins or not.


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